I'm afraid to fly 5 flight attendants tips to help you overcome fear

Before you turn on the shore of the beach, at the all-inclusive, or on the streets of the ancient city, you have to get on a plane and spend a few hours in the air. What if one thought about the plane causes you fear?

Fear of flight - quite widespread fear. But that's no reason to sit at home. Overcome fear will help you advice of flight attendants, for whom flights - work.

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Learn Statistics

After the terrible news about the plane crash and the number of victims, it seems that the plane - the most unsafe place in the world. But statistics show that the car is about 100 times more dangerous than an airplane. Risks of an accident while driving is much higher than on board an aircraft. Perfectly sobering visit www.flightradar24.com site. Here you can in real time to see how many planes are in the air. And now compare with the number of air crashes messages. And remember that the pilots - the same people. They are waiting for family and loved ones at home, so it is important to bring you safely to your destination.

Learn to cope with panic

Afraid of heights, then you should choose an aisle seat and look out the window. It is important to keep your feet firmly placed on the ground. This will create the impression that you are in control. During takeoff and landing time, then usually amplified aerophobia, breathe deeply. Breathe in and out at the expense of 10. As long as you do it the plane leveled or sit, and you'll feel at the same time calm.

Dress comfortably

If you would be uncomfortable clothes, snare, it will enhance the discomfort of the trip. Tight trousers, jackets, shorts, skirts, heels leave the baggage.

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Talk to flight attendants

Tell me about his fear of flight attendants. They'll calm down, talk about the pilot, how many hours they have flown together. Normal conversation will distract you, and you will forget about phobias.


Take on board favorite book, Magazines, coloring anti-stress, upload interesting playlist or meditation. As long as you sit on the board, do not dwell on fear, and be distracted from it.

What not to do?

Drink alcohol. It can give a completely opposite effect and reinforce the phobia.

Scrutinize the actions of the flight attendants. This is information you still will not work, but the nerves spoil.

Listen to the sounds of the aircraft. This, too, do not need to. Firstly, you do not know exactly how it will sound like a broken plane. And secondly, it is an iron machine with powerful engines, which in any case will emit loud sounds.

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