7 things, from which urgently need to get rid of the kitchen

Kitchen - a holy place each family, where the most difficult to maintain cleanliness. We'll tell you how to put the kitchen in order, getting rid of a number of unnecessary things.

1. Plastic bags

In many countries, the non-environmental packaging is already banned, and we continue to be in high demand. But polyethylene restricts ventilation, whereby the products will spoil. We recommend to store the products in paper bags which are safe for the environment.

2. Air freshener

This tool is only for spacious and well-ventilated area. And in a small room, in the kitchen, from the air freshener will only headache.

3. Plastic bottles

The accumulation of plastic bottles take up much space, that only reinforces the feeling of clutter. When you leave the kitchen the next bottle, think about whether you need this stuff.

4. Food film

We recommend storing food in a suitable container, because of temperature variations food film releases harmful substances.

5. Packages with cereals

Storage of cereals in bags rustling - is not the best solution for a good housewife. It is better to keep the cereals, sugar and other products in special containers.

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6. wet rags

All we ever had in the kitchen wet rag, which published an unpleasant odor. But this is a real breeding ground for germs. We recommended to change the cloth on a regular basis, and are not stored in damp places.

7. extra stuff

Notebook, pens, toys and so on. D. often clutter up the kitchen space. It turns out that everyone who lives in the house contributes to the creation of disorder. Talk to everyone, so that everyone keep things in appropriate places.

Each family has a set of kitchen utensils. Get rid of these things and you will see how a new tune up your kitchen.

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