Safe sleep of the child: how to arrange baby bed

Most of the time baby will be holding in her crib, and parents should pay attention to its proper arrangement.

What a crib for a newborn choose?

Choosing a bed for crumbs, parents should walk through a small check-list, check to see whether covered furniture paints with lead content, make sure that the robust construction and the wall is sufficient high. If the bed is equipped with rails, the distance between them should not exceed 6 cm.

Considered the safest cribs with stationary walls - of a baby is unlikely to fall.

Where to put the crib for the baby?

Experts advise to have the cot near the parents' bed, but not sleep with a newborn.

Of course, co-sleeping will facilitate the process of feeding, but the crumb can get hurt and then long accustomed to independent sleep in her crib.

You should not have the bed close to the windows and other potentially dangerous objects. Also remove anything that hangs next to the kid is not reached.

The mattress and bedding for baby

Note the hard mattresses, they do not crumple and do not gather in clumps, respectively, the baby will not breathe in the air that he had just exhaled. The mattress should fit to the walls of the bed, fully comply with couchette in size. As for sheets, the doctors advise to choose the ones that are equipped with a rubber band, made from 100% natural cotton, does not cause allergies.

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