10 parents phrases that annoy children

Top 10 phrases that are not like children, and sometimes even provoke a fight.

"I warned you!"

Constant repetition of this phrase prevents to kid develop independence, the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for the action.

"But in our time, the children ..."

Often it is used by grandparents to bring up the child shame. But the cause, as a rule, the desire to compete.

"Disables the Internet!"

Blackmail - a bad idea in general.

"You put on a hat?"

Do not make the teenager feel small. If we are making to put on a hat, and it certainly sometimes have to do, or at least explain why. Better yet, buy a baby hat, which he wants to wear it with pleasure.

"Get up late again!"

Do not make the child the lifting at present misery, try to treat him gently, studying response to different communication styles.

"Who do you like in the class?"

"God, why did she asked, of course, she does not say," You think the children in these moments.

Think of yourself, you are willing to share with parents their likes? Psychologists advise to build a relationship of trust with children, step by step, and in the forehead questions only interfere with such relationships.

"Shalt in the room!"

It is difficult to argue with the need to do the cleaning in their room, but for a teenager is another unpleasant duty, which is terribly annoying.

"You have corrected the deuce?"

Do not say that the child, if the previously argued that the assessment is not important.

"And that we'll buy you in the New Year"

Even a week - it is already too long waiting for a child who needed a toy right now, remember that.

"Where surrender?"

Responsibility for the money - good quality, but do not frighten the child with a threshold such statements. Better accustom to take the store receipt.

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