6 types of women who did not fit for a family

Before you meet her only man communicates with different girls. They say they are - a womanizer. Or can not find a suitable lady love? Why do some women just are not made for a serious relationship? And maybe you're one of them?

Each person has his own line of conduct. Many either marriage or age does not change. Their character remains in the same vein throughout life. Therefore, from these women men run.

party girl
Want to learn new trends of club life? Refer to the queen of parties. She knows where the best parties of the city, and it will know the bartenders at the club. She attends the opening of boutiques, galleries, restaurants. Since it is not boring, it is not for the theft. Getting into his dance element, she immediately throws his outrage man and communicates with friends party-goers. The perfect match for her - such as Van Wilder. Because no children, no husband will not be able to rein in a girl.

eternal student
For her study in the first place. Its not interested in anything other than new knowledge. She - in the university, in courses at the advanced training. For her knowledge - idee fixe. Instead of a romantic evening with a loved man, she would prefer a book or a documentary. With a girl, you can build a good family, but from her studies, she will not give up and never have to cook borscht for her.

This girl thinks her man is adhering to all skirts neighborhood. She has zero confidence in its second half. it suits scandals and everywhere he sees treason. With such a woman is difficult to build a good relationship. The only possibility to find a soul mate: to meet a man who flatters unhealthy jealousy.
Mom's dream
It is so like my mother Man, that that it takes along on shopping, cruise, calls and consults on all matters, they even go to the movies together. Picture perfect? With one "but" - the place of man in such a relationship there.

Papin Dotsya
For all questions she calls Dad. Father decides for it all, even with a man to meet. Here lies an important catch: the absorption of the father does not leave room for the other in her life. It will be a long time man. Just one and a candle dad will not do.

She snakes prozhuzhzhit Svetka about a guy from the second front, which tells the bag Lyudka brought from Goa and do not forget to put in a word for mistress Igor from the third floor. Such a woman lover to talk about everything. Not out of malice, just that she has found the ideal listener who has not yet had time to escape.

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