10 effective ways to combat dust in the nursery

It is located in a dusty room - is harmful and unpleasant. A dust in the nursery, where the child spends a significant amount of time, can cause allergies and respiratory diseases. How to deal with it?

When a child is in the home, the struggle for purity It takes a special scale. On the one hand, it would be desirable that the child grew and developed in a clean space with no dust and sticky layer sexes. That he has always been relatively clean hands to breathe clean air and, as a consequence, was healthy.

On the other hand, a child may be banal lack of time and opportunity to maintain this purity. Especially with regard to the dust, as it should wipe out - and the next day she was again a thin layer on the ground.

How to ensure the child's room clean and minimize the dust?

Get rid of the clear bags. Carpets, heavy curtains, soft toys - all that gathers a lot of dust, which then have to breathe child.

If you are worried that your child is cold to play on the floor without a carpet - buy a special game pad of insulation material. Against this kid just will not cool and comfortable. Desirably, the mat is not understood on small parts, like a puzzle, and was one-piece or large squares interconnected. So it will be easier to clean it and to clean up when you wash the floor.

If you are concerned that without curtains in the room will be less comfortable - replace them with lightweight tulle. Often it is easier to wash, iron and hang back.

With soft toys really sorry to leave, often they even pass from generation to generation - with the generation of dust mites. If you are not ready to vacuum and wash all soft toys every week as allergists recommend, it is worth the most to give them up.

Do not keep books on open shelves. Books - another famous dust collector, even if it seems that they are constantly in use. Dust the numerous children's books - is a long and time-consuming, and it settles there as much as on other surfaces.

Buy as much plastic or wooden boxes to hold all the baby toys and books. With the help of boxes they can be conveniently sorted to the baby always knew that all his cars, for example, lie in the blue box, the dinosaurs - in green, books - in red, the designers - in white and so Further.

If toys and books stored in locked boxes, they are collected on a much less dust.

Remember that buying tissue boxes or bags for toys, you do not get rid of the dust problems in the children's room. With this box to remove it much more difficult than with a plastic or wood.

Change bed linen 1 time per week. The fabric is going to a huge amount of dust, it is better to often perestilat without shaking.

Place a grid on the screen - it shall stop the dust from the street with ventilation. Remember the children's safety: on the window must also be a children's castle, so it is not fully opened and the baby fell out, leaning on the net.

Do not saturate the nursery superfluous decor. The canopy over the bed, vases, frames with photos, decorative pillows and things like that, not only decorate the room, but also to collect himself a considerable amount of dust. And the fact that with each small element of its decor wipe, will have to spend extra time. Comfortably possible to equip a children's and a minimalist design that is easier to keep clean and tidy.

Use a dry cleaning service. At least once a year all the pillows and blankets in the house should be sent to the dry cleaners, because yourself thoroughly to rid them from the accumulated, you can not.

Keep the air in the nursery wet. Of course, it is desirable that in all the house the air was cool, moist - this is the most comfortable conditions for children's health. humidity at 50-70% less spread will facilitate dust.

Use special air purifier. He blows air through filters and removes it from dust. This, however, does not relieve you of the need to do regular wet cleaning, but will make a significant contribution to the fight against dust.

Make it a habit to wipe the dust from the surface in the children as often as possible. Not necessarily every day to wipe the entire room, but wipe the large flat surface is not difficult: a chest of drawers, table, bedside table, boxes of toys, window sill. This can be done in passing, for example, when you come to wake the baby in the morning or put to bed in the evening. Also, you do not need to specifically take a rag - can all be wiped pair of wet wipes.

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