Lunar Calendar 2018: how to attract money for the whole year

Always short of money? Any expenses not going to benefit a family? Astrologers believe that this is not the curse of karma, and the banal ignorance of the basics of the lunar calendar cash. After all, our ancestors were sure which is strongly influenced by the moon on human life, including on the money. So if you want to properly manage the finances to always be "in the black", pay attention to the cash calendar for 2018.

Astrologers say: start new businesses and raise money to be on the growing moon, and the phase of decrease - this is the best time to close unprofitable projects and the return of debts. Moon growth phase lasts from new moon to full moon. Decrease, respectively, in the full moon begins and ends with the next new moon.


Cash Calendar for January

January 2 - the full moon, so a day to forget about the money and the rest.

From 3 to 16 January - the period of the waning moon, when to make plans.

From January 18 to 30 - Moon phase growth. These days it is necessary to make deals, to invest.

January 31 - again a full moon. Relaxation.

Cash Calendar for February

From 1 to 15 February - waning moon, when it is necessary to spend less money.

February 16 - the full moon, so before February 28 can safely spend money to sign contracts and to take loans.

Cash Calendar for March

March 1, and from 18 to 30 March - a waxing Moon, when to expand the business, establish contacts, to invest in interesting projects and to lend.

From March 3 to 16 - waning moon, when it is necessary to completely forget about financial matters. And spend money on the bare necessities. This will save you from losses.

2 and 31 March - a full moon, when to exclude even the talks and meetings of its schedule.

March 17 - New Moon, code luck will accompany any undertaking related to finance.

Cash Calendar for April

From 1 to 15 April - waning moon, when there is a decrease of attention and tone. Therefore, it is not necessary either to lend or borrow.

April 16 - New Moon. From that day be engaged in the expansion of business, finding better-paid jobs. Last favorable period will do29 of April.

April 30 - Full Moon. You can not plan anything serious. It should abandon even trips.

Cash Calendar for May

From May 1 to May 14 - the period of the waning moon, when it is better not to carry out monetary transactions, but charity, by contrast, would benefit. And promises to finance growth in the future.

May 15 - New Moon, which promises success in all financial matters.

From May 16 to 28 - Moon period of growth, when it is necessary to look for a good job, to conduct transactions with large sums of money, etc.

May 29 - full moon. Subject Finance banned.

May 30 and 31 - waning Moon. The best time for rest and reflection plans.


Cash Calendar for June

From 1 to June 12 - waning Moon. Therefore, at this time it is best to go on vacation and gain strength.

June 13 - New Moon, which will contribute to the augmentation of money. Therefore, let us in debt, change your work and all you get.

From 14 to 27 June - the waxing Moon. At this time the works will be successful.

June 28 - Full Moon. This day is better to devote the rest or quiet work that does not require voltage.

From 29 to 30 June - waning moon is waning again. It is better not to solve money matters. Otherwise it will collapse all undertakings.

Cash Calendar for July

From 1 to July 12 - waning Moon. Time, which is better to devote no money, and the family. This way you insure yourself from unnecessary expenses.

July 13 - New Moon. money tide period.

From 14 to 26 July - the growth of the moon. At this time, you can make a major purchase, sign the contract.

July 27 - Full Moon. On this day, it is advisable not to take any decisive steps in terms of financial management: energy of the moon is not conducive to monetary success.

From 28 to 31 number - the waning moon, when the question of money is better set aside.

Cash Calendar for August

From 1 to 10 August - waning moon, when it is better not to plan any important matters. And it is better to go on holiday or traveling.

1August 1 - the new moon, when it is better to do with drawing up plans that will increase revenues.

From 12 to 25 August - to decide on any financial experiments. Luck will accompany throughout.

August 26 - the full moon, when it is necessary to do by bringing thoughts in order and reduce the activity.


Cash Calendar for September

From 1 to 8 September - waning Moon, which is not conducive to success in finance.

9 September - the new moon, when all the processes are activated and it is possible to plan the costs.

From 9 to 24 September - the Moon period of growth, which is most favorable for investments and transactions, launching new projects and investments.

September 25 - Full Moon. A very hard day, who better to devote to rest.

From 26 to 30 September, it is better not to deal with financial issues. In particular it is impossible to take out loans and conduct foreign exchange operations.

Cash Calendar for October

From October 1 to October 8 - waning Moon. At this time, it is best to repay debts.

9 October - the new moon. The ideal time for investments, credit operations, major purchases.

From October 10 to 23 - Moon phase of growth, when you can start new projects and to invest. October 24 - Full Moon. Rest and tranquility - here is how should spend the day.

From 25 to 31 October - waning Moon. Do not plan at this time of serious costs, business meetings and the start of new cases.

Cash Calendar for November

November 7 - the new moon, which contributes to the top of any cases related to money.

From 8 to 22 November - growth phase of the moon, when able to solve all financial issues. The best time to buy real estate.

November 23 - full moon, after the occurrence of which must rest.

Cash Calendar for December

7 December - the new moon. It is better to devote time to spend on Christmas gifts. You can take out loans.

From 8 to December 21, feel free to take loans to start new projects. Luck is on your side of Buda.

-Polnolunie December 22, after which the end of the month should stop to think about money. And devote time to rest, to have the strength to enter the new fiscal year full of energy!


And be sure to find out advice of astrologers, how to attract good luck in the New 2018.

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