I ordered on Ozone, paying only 2 rubles 44 kopecks

Sensational in Instagrame budget hair rescuer, body gel perfumed gum of the '90s and stagnate the sun five SHaneli, delicious coconut lip, bronzer, and proven unsuccessful pencil eyebrow gel. All this for 2 rubles 44 kopecks. And it's not a joke, a screenshot at the end of the article.

The first thing that flew into my shopping cart - indelible hair cream Garnier 10 1. He's done a lot of noise (almost everyone is more or less well-known beauty bloggers praised his Instagrame), And I just had to try it, especially went at a discount.

I have to say: do not disappoint, especially the packaging: (I have not looked at the amount of the purchase and waiting for the price of maximum 200 ml, and it turned out to be 2 times more). Yes, I it would be enough for the rest of his life (and grandchildren left), But alas - the shelf life of three years.

Consumption in a small cream: my hair just below shoulder length missing one incomplete pressing.

The name of the cream, of course, amused - "10 in 1". Knowing the kitchen the production of cosmetics, it announced it is a lot of promises, even greater than that of such monsters as the Dr. Jart + or 3LAB, whose serum is worth a good smartphone. That is what is stated: and restores, and protects against hair breakage, and thermal protection there to 230C, and protects color, plus intensely nourishes and gives hair shine, smoothes, soothes, strengthens, and all without weighting.

Yes, it nourishes the hair well, but it is easy to overdo it and still weigh down the hair. A bit of smoothing, but should not be a miracle a la keratin straightening.

Overall, I will say this, that means its price is very pleasant to me, and even better prof.sredstv similar action that I've got and costs several times more expensive (talking about jelly smooths Kezy).

The second thing I put in the basket - your favorite gel for eyebrows Art-Visage Fix & CareWho do not buy the first time. I love how he captures his eyebrows unlike other gels, which are tried.

Lip balm Chapter with the scent of coconut and mono. Yes, the format is not the most comfortable, but I'm willing to forgive him for it.

First, the smell: the aroma of coconut buns, I'm so in love with him, she bought a shower gel from the same line. Secondly, I have a lot of any lip balms, but this has become a favorite because it moisturizes even chic-dried lips. He has a rather big volume (15 ml), and the flow - small.

A couple of winters accurately enough, and now I do not understand those who sits on many, many lip balms and can not do without them even in the summer. This simply does its job and some gubo Balzamova-breaking (smear for any reason) no. To some it may seem ridiculous this fact, but balzamogoliki there, a lot of them.

bronzer Catrice Sun Lover glow Bronzing in shade 010 for light-skinned girls, like me, will suit perfectly.

I liked it: not dusty, fits well and looks on the face, there is brilliance, but it is very delicate. And the texture is he cool!

Shower gel Kneipp "Blossoming Almond".

Well it is possible to write about the shower gel... For me the main thing that did not dry and, of course, the smell. The gel is completely dry the skin, foams well, but the smell - absolutely not my thing (Turbo resembles gum with citrus and rancid fifth Chanel). But my husband liked the flavor. The sense of smell - a piece intimate yet.

By the way, the smell lasts long enough for these gels that do not consider a minus if I liked the flavor. But I will try other flavors of gels for the soul of this brand, because I liked it by itself.

I ended eyebrow pencil, and I decided to order a new one - Brow artist designer Loreal in color from 303 Dark Brunette.

Pencil did not like. The color is too warm for me, and in my eyebrows gives in red. Very hard and bad draws, if you want to finish only a couple of hairs, it can not work, it is required to press hard.

If by accident you will touch a hand or eyebrow more than something, it is possible to remain without eyebrows. More precisely, pencil quickly erased. But the brush on the other side is not bad, like a pencil.

And finally, here is a screenshot of the order.

I dial the 1509 rubles, plus 151 rubles - delivery. Bonus points (for a couple of comments to the goods, there was a freebie to July this year, and the order card) I got to 1657 rubles. 56 kopecks. Nothing tricky.

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