Carnival costume of felt for the child: a detailed master class

Carnival costume - is an essential attribute of the New Year, which helps to plunge into the fairytale atmosphere of the holiday. Every child wants to stand in the way of the fantastic character and superhero. How to help your child turn into a favorite character in the New Year's Eve?

To do this, you can make a very simple carnival costume with their own handsfelt. We offer you a master class on making carnival costumes hedgehog. Attributes of felt perfectly emphasize the image of the New Year's baby.


Before you begin, you need to know what kind of suit the child wants. It depends on this kind of attributes you need to be manufactured. For example, to suit the hedgehog can make a mask and bib.

required for the manufacture of

  • felt;
  • scissors;
  • thread or adhesive;
  • Velcro;
  • rubber.

suit manufacturing process

1. First you need to measure the child's head poluobhvat for the mask and the width of the neck of the baby, to make the bib. After making a stencil each detail of costume. We put all the pieces on the felt of the desired color, draw out and cut.


2.Now all you need to flash details maskand the breastplate. Before you sew, you can once again check all if all parts converge in size.

Mask. First sew part of the lugs, after sew them to the bottom of the mask. Then you need to sew a second row of needles. Next you need to sew a piece with glass eyes, and at the end of the spout. Also, the mask can be made with holes for the eyes. To do this, measure the distance between the pupils of the child, and cut holes required size. At the end of the desired measuring interval gum, and sew the back side of the mask. Hide place ligated gum can be felt in small segments of the same color.


Bib. Cut three rows for the rough front bib (only one row may be cut out for the rear). Also, you can cut ornaments in the form of a leaf and apple. Alternately sew all the details of the breastplate. At the end of sew, the back of the product, Velcro the bib to stand on the shoulders.


If you can not stitch suit on a typewriter and hand out is not very nice, you can use the gel adhesive. It will allow a well to consolidate all the details. The main thing to use it carefully so as not to suit the traces of glue. To suit looked full, you can dress your baby in the color of the selected hero. In our case it will be gray or brown tights and T-shirt.

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