Mom vision problems: what doctors recommend birth

Every pregnant mother passes a medical examination when registering. Ophthalmologist verdict: you have poor eyesight. You have to do a caesarean, or you can give birth naturally? We understand!

Poor fundus - the indication for cesarean. And many mothers are upset by this verdict doctor. As a natural delivery is - in most cases it is a wonderful outcome of pregnancy in which bother you and your baby. natural birthbest for the child, healthier, more correct.

Mom vision problems: some generations to see a doctor /

different generations

What is the difference for the baby? Caesarean really is worse? Should I insist on conventional childbirth, if you have problems with vision?

Natural childbirth because called natural, that this way the appearance of man in the light determined by nature - and therefore, in the absence of medical contraindications, it is preferable.

Caesarean section (CS) - this is a serious abdominal surgery, which is performed strictly according to the indications. The poor condition of the fundus (the presence of degenerative changes, tears) can actually cause that the ophthalmologist will recommend caesarean section or exclusion bearing-down period to prevent the retinal break.

Mom vision problems: some generations to see a doctor /

The final decision is yours

However, diagnosis can recheck a reliable ophthalmological clinic at 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. In some cases it is recommended for laser coagulation of the retina, which are possible after a natural birth. Follow doctor's recommendations if the final verdict - Caesarean section, it is better not to risk your health and your baby.

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