5 fundamentals of how to improve the immune system during pregnancy

It is thought that during pregnancy women reduced immunity, and it is for future moms and the baby does not need it. What rules to adhere to the immune system during pregnancy was on top?

Support the immune system on high, and do not ill during pregnancy - the dream of every expectant mother. If properly and regularly maintain the immune system, it will work like a clock.

5 fundamentals strong immunity during pregnancy

1. A healthy gut


70% of the immune system depends on the functioning of the intestines, it is a major amount of cells are there, who are responsible for our health. Therefore, it is clear that to pay due attention in the first place to nutrition.bowel disorders, and constipation - it harms immunity. Eat more fruits and vegetables on the table must be dairy products, fresh yogurt, lean meats and fish, whole-grain bread, cheese, nuts. A smoked, fried, fat, baking, pickles and marinades - has no place in a pregnant menu.

2. Procedures for the recovery and strengthen the immune system, tempering.

More likely to be outdoors more you walk, move more, go on nature, take a contrast shower, walk barefoot in the summer, if you are out of town.

3. Physical education and sports, active lifestyle.


Even slight morning exercise 5 minutes charges organism vigor and health. Enroll in special classes for pregnant women: fitness, pilates, yoga, dancing. The most dominating sport for pregnant women is considered to be a swimming pool. Exercise strengthens the muscles, preparing the body for childbirth, contribute to the fact that the body and the body is easier to recover from childbirth.

4. Good mood.
Remember the adage that all diseases of the nerves? And it's true - we are often your negative thoughts and feelings attract disease. Tune in to a positive, do not worry about trifles, do not twist the negative emotions themselves. Give yourself installation, which will be all right - and it will. Remember that optimists rarely get sick and recover rapidly. Smile more often and think only about good things.
5. Full sex life.


Pregnancy - not a reason to refuse sexual relations, if this is medically contraindicated. First, during pregnancy feelings are exacerbated, and secondly, during sex is activated blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which enhances immunity and enriches the blood oxygen.

Be sure to ask, some water exercises prepare the muscles for childbirth.