Premature birth: how to prevent them, the danger to the mother and child

The causes of preterm labor had still not been established. No drugs are not able to prevent generic activities at 100%. Mom is important to take care of themselves, lead a healthy lifestyle - and the child to be born in time

It used to be thatmiscarriage It is inexplicably emerged uterine activity: premature contractions begin. And the whole world was trying to find a cure from this. Alas, it turned out that all the tools are only able to temporarily suspend the process, but does not solve the problem. Drugs invented a lot, but they are a help, and the other - no. Why? Because the causes of premature birth just so far and have not been established.

10% are prematurity of the total, but the 10% account for 70% of infant mortality

Why labor begins early?

Now there's an interesting theory: it is not a contraction of the uterus, and in pathochemical processes such as acute phases of inflammation caused by proteins. In Australia, found the gene that codes for these substances. And now the whole world is working on his studies and to develop tools that can neutralize these proteins. His role is of course played by hormones and uterine motility, and other factors. But while the concept of a single occurrence of preterm delivery is not, doctors have a hard time.

The danger for mother and child

If at least 2 times to reduce the incidence of preterm birth, it is possible to 1 \ 3 to reduce the number of deaths among newborns. Alas, it has not yet obtained the doctors. The danger, of course, directly related to the period of pregnancy: the earlier case of premature birth, the heavier consequences.

It should be remembered that premature birth - it is always the birth of a sick child from the sick mother. Healthy not to give birth prematurely, and premature birth are not a hundred percent healthy. They have their syndromes typical of prematurity.

Premature birth: the danger to the mother and the child /

How to reduce the risk factor of preterm delivery

New technologies in neonatal medicine today allows to achieve the best results, but a panacea yet. And when it started the process of premature birth, sharply limited the possibility of doctors.

  1. Pregnancy - not a disease. moms take care of yourself! Pregnancy does not last long, you will still be a lifetime to prove to everyone that you - the best!
  2. Do not provoke preterm labor flights, heavy physical activity, exhausting work, active sex. A woman should take care of themselves, to provide intrauterine comfort, the lack of which can negatively affect the entire life of the child.
  3. Avoid smoking (Including second-hand), because since the last century it is known that smoking women give birth to small babies. And that's not the nicotine, which is, of course, also very harmful, and in smoke, because of which spazmiruyutsya vessels of all organs, including the uterus.
  4. Do not forget about vitamins! Folic acid if you want to conceive, is a must. Attain protective levels of folate in the body is possible only for 4 weeks, if taking 800 mcg of folic acid in combination with vitamins B, C and PP.
  5. A risk factor for the future of miscarriage is oligomenorrhea girls and young women. If not immediately establish a regular menstrual cycle, if menstrual scarce by volume - do not wait. Soon lead her to a doctor who will diagnose this disorder. Eliminating the time and causes of the phenomenon of oligomenorrhea, you can prevent future possible trouble with the pregnancy.

Scientists have discovered a substance - fetal fibronectin, which may suggest, will be in 2 weeks premature birth or not. Up to 87%. Australians have developed a test that is already 18 weeks reveals the risk of premature birth. The test detects a group of proteins that should not be for a specified period, and if they are, then the premature birth has predicted. It is still the world's clinical trials have not been conducted, but if so they will pass the test, it will be a powerful tool in the fight with the birth of premature babies.

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