10 funny take on the mother in law and daughter in law: purpose you can imagine!

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Communication-in-law for many women (not all, because there are exceptions) is converted into a torture. And not just because of her husband mother tries to intervene in all family affairs commenting and advising. But also because often between the two women is a wall of misunderstanding and irritation.

Our ancestors knew this firsthand. Therefore, the mass was born to take, following which it was possible to protect your family and build relationships with her mother loved.


To father-in-law loved the darling son is necessary during the first visit to the house on the verge of becoming both feet and then jump slightly.

If the wedding will raise the first toast for mother in law, the young family will have peace and tranquility.

Expensive wedding gift from her mother in law - to ensure the life of the newlyweds.

To in-law was not greedy at a wedding during the blessing of the young parents need to bow down as low as possible.


If in the first year after the wedding, the young wife podstrizhet in-law, the husband will never change.

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At the wedding, mother of the groom should be dressed in a dress, but not in a suit. Otherwise avoid divorce.

That the family has always been provided and did not know poverty, mother-in any case should not be allowed perestilat bed for the matrimonial bed.

Any gifts received from her mother in law, must be taken with gratitude. Even if you do not like. If, however, given to her dress, for example, you feel bad, read a prayer. It is believed that such a move will help clear things energy.

To embrace the future mother-daughter as the daughter of the first day of love is necessary to give her chocolates.


If in-law's wedding says a lot about the future grandchildren, in the next few years in the family is unlikely the children will be.

And do not forget to learn, some 10 tips left by our ancestors in order to mother-in-law-in-law loved.

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