I'll bind your life: 5 most moving poems about my mother

How much love, kindness and patience invested in the word "MAMA", we understand only when we become parents and tremble for the health and success of their children. Mom continues to worry about us when we've led his family and finally gets to his feet. For mom we always remain children, whom she loves and is ready to defend against all adversity.

Do we appreciate the gift? The question is rhetorical. And the answer is - in these moving poems about my mother. Read - and congratulations to your mom is sure to become even more touching.


I'll bind your life
From fluffy mohair yarn.
I'll bind your life,
I will not lie nor a single loop.
I'll bind your life,
Where a pattern prayers on the field -
wishes for happiness
In the rays of true love.
I'll bind your life
From cheerful melange yarn.
I'll bind your life
And then the soul exchange.
Where do I take the thread?
No one has ever confess:
To link your life,
I secretly dismiss her.
(Valentine Belyaev)

You tied my life
From magic invisible thread
Loop tightly weaved

To better keep warm
You tied my life
And I do not find my abode
Better than this. Soul
He never sees the evil in it
I know your secret -
Where you take knitting yarn
I'll save it
Until the end, until a single loop
In my life thy
I can not tell I once
Double life one
This thread tie we could ...

A simple note on a few lines:
"Lunch on the table, eat better, son.
Leave the dishes, wash my own everything "
It was signed: "Your beloved Ma!"
A note fell out of old books,
And he remembered at once that joyful moment,
When late at night, he went up on the doorstep,
You smiled at me, "Well, hello, my son!"
In the kitchen, arms around each other, drank tea together,
They are laughing and arguing with her about everything.
Long time between us barbed darkness
Gone is the young "beloved Ma ..."
Istayala rapidly church candle,
I was always in trouble substituting shoulder.
In the hands of my old piece of paper...
"Hey, Mom? Grayer your favorite son... "

You just do not pain
Mom leaned over the bed at night
And whispers his tithe:
"You just do not pain, my sweet Bunny,
I ask you, you are not only pain... "
When a child's disease rises,
Cries the mother soul.
And my mom up in the morning does not fall asleep,
By cheek pressed palm baby ...

When the eyes do not shine on the fun,
When the temperature son il daughter
The heart of my mother crying in frustration,
Trying to overcome all diseases...
Happiness wrapped gently in a blanket,
Clutching his treasure to his chest,
She repeated without interruption:
"Go away, illness, from her son away go away!"

And no medicine so does not cure,
Love - child happiness will ensure
Will drive away all diseases, evils, evil...
For the mother is more important than anything else
Health and happiness of their children.
And just as my mother loved by children,
Becoming more mature, take care of her...
Years have passed... In bed sick mother,
She whispered two adult sons:
"You just do not pain, my dear,
I ask you, you are not only pain... "

Mother sigh in silence,
In the silence of night, in the silence the alarm.
For them, we are forever - kids,
And it is impossible to argue with that.
So be a little kinder,
The care they are not annoying.
Do not offend mothers
Mothers do not take offense.
They suffer from separations,
And we are on the road boundless
Without parent good hands -
As a kid without a lullaby.

Do not forget to congratulate their mothers and grandmothers!

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