Scientists: Women with curvy buttocks are two very important advantages

Scientists from Oxford University have shown that women with bulky buttocks have better health

They are more intelligent and rarely suffer from chronic diseases. Not to mention the fact that it is large buttocks named the sexiest man.

The researchers were able to establish that in women with outstanding priests blood cholesterol levels significantly lower, it happens due to a hormone produced in greater numbers (and they, in turn, processed fat is several times faster than usually).

Another conclusion the scientists touched the wide hips and diseases of the cardiovascular system - the more pop, the less the risk of having problems.

Dr. Michael Jensen, head of endocrine research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota), says the following:

When your body store fat, it is best if it occurs in the lower part of the body.

Based on how fat affects health, people with type pear shape is really a winner. These conclusions built on the study involving 16,000 women. Layer of fat in the buttocks is not harmful, and helps women to neutralize the harmful fatty acids.

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