What should know and be able to the girl's father

Often men want to have a son rather than a daughter? precisely because they do not know how to cultivate it.

In fact, the modern progressive training It suggests that it is identical for boys and girls. And those and others, first of all, must grow in love, understanding and support. Their interests must be respected, talent - to help uncover errors - to teach correct.

Remember that what you are the same or different sex with a child, does not mean that it's easier or more difficult it will be to educate. In parenting adults often fall under stereotypes. But to raise the girl - it is not only to weave her pigtails, dress up in gowns and repel the Knights. Here are a few guidelines that must memorize every father who has a daughter.

1. Maintain a fair position

The pair parents mom usually got the role of a strict. It prohibits, controls, punishes, establishes a framework confers responsibilities. Fathers, in turn, are of two kinds:
1) All permits - in contrast to the mother, the child is easily manipulated,

2) Pope-punishment that "here comes my father - get" his children are afraid of how the fire.
These extremes should be avoided. Dad in the family should occupy a position of strict, but fair. That is, when it is necessary - to punish when necessary - to encourage, without succumbing to tears and manipulation of the little princess, and always keeps his word.

2. Maintain the "girly" games

As long as you do not own daughter appears, you think that all these games with dolls, tea, clothes and hairstyles - this is not about you. But in fact, fathers - excellent allies in such games. Mom to daughter and so the standard of beauty, but over her dad's hair will be very interesting to work. In addition, the pope a slightly different way of thinking, and even a tea party with her dolls, he will turn into a new fun. The girl really need the support of his father - the main man of her life at this stage. And to share her interest in games - one of those manifestations.

3. Create a trust relationship

Your role as a father should not be to nadziratelstve for her daughter. If you have any trust relationship, the less chance of a riot in adolescence and parental nerves frayed by the fact that her daughter is not known where he is not known to anyone. Trust, acceptance and unconditional love - a guarantee that you will remain for life with my daughter an excellent relationship, and it will take them in their own family.

4. To care for the girl

This is a common pattern of anecdotes, jokes and sketches - a dad who does not know how to dress her daughter, nor comb, nor bathe. This is actually a simple parental responsibilities that need to be able to do, regardless of the child's sex. Feminine hygiene rules are very simple - they ask my wife.

Daughter do her hair - the same task is not very tricky. It is enough to comb and with the long hair ponytail tie 1-2. Dad should be able to dress a girl for the weather, know where to lay her things that she likes to eat.

5. To explain man's psychology
If between you and your daughter have the confidence, it is your words will be key when it will have the first feelings for the opposite sex. This usually occurs at the age when boys do not even ready to any feelings.

The task of the father immediately act on the male side and tactfully explain the situation. The older girl - the careful necessary to select an expression. Simply reject her choice - not an option, so your credibility quickly evaporate. Have respect for her choice and answer exactly the questions that she asks you.

6. To compliment

For the girls a sense of value and beauty begins more with the approval of his father than his mother. It was he the man to understand more, in her opinion, in the women's beauty and talent. So do not stop coming up with new compliments. Even if it is already covered in piercings and tattoos, as you put it mildly, do not like.

7. maintain a dialogue

If your daughter has decided to share something - problems with girlfriends, some personal experiences - no need to roll his eyes, send her to my mother and refer to their own employment. If the child has come to open your soul - proud of the trust and received the maximum listen carefully about what you say. Even if you retell the story of the cartoon - you need to listen and feel, yes. With the small talk begins great affection.

8. Understand its interests

Every generation likes your music, movies, the heroes. You do not have to like the same as that of your children. But if you do not want to be "the ancestors", and progressive parents, who are in tune with your children, you should learn more about their interests. Be aware of contemporary music, watch those idols have your daughter. This will help to better understand it at any age, it is easier to reach out and touch points.

9. To participate in the school life of daughters

Traditionally, mothers go on all school meetings. And the lessons do mom and crafts, and the portfolio is collected and checked diary. Dad usually try not to puzzle this topic. As a result, not all dads remember which class a child learns to have no idea what she was taught what her classmates, is there any friends, etc.

But the school is a big part in a child's life for decades - would be a good dad to understand that it's going to earn the trust and show their interest in his daughter.

10. Spending time alone together

Psychologists have long given the same advice parents have to regularly spend time alone with each of their children. Let it will not be a day and a few hours, for example. But it will be time just for you and daughters. It is necessary in order not to lose the skills of dialogue and understanding, distracted from the usual atmosphere of dialogue where you parallel affect other family members.

Go with my daughter to the cinema, cafes, amusement park, museum, zoo, discuss what they saw, go shopping - be one inseparable team.

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