Weekends and holidays in December 2019 in Ukraine: how much will rest

December is traditionally give us a few extra days off. However, without detentions on Saturday this month will not be missed.

Schedule output days in December 2019 has already been defined and approved in the law "On transferring working days in 2019.".

The first additional output Ukrainians will receive on Wednesday, December 25, when the Catholic world celebrates Christmas. In Ukraine, for several years, this festival is celebrated at the state level, so to fulfill this extra day of rest is not necessary.

The following weekend of December related to the New Year holidays:

  • starting from December 29, we're going on a short vacation, after all, and December 30, Monday, December 31 and Tuesday are days off.

Mining output will be held on Saturday (21 and 28 December, respectively).

On January 1, the first day of the New Year, also weekends.

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