At birth, the child will have to pay an additional 10 thousand UAH

The people of Kiev will pay extra 10 thousand at birth. Draft decision "On the granting of financial assistance for child birth residents of the city of Kiev" was adopted by the deputies of Kyiv City Council.

according to the document, from the local budget planning to allocate money for every newborn from Kiev. The money will be paid to one of the parents or guardian of the child, who lives with the child and is registered in the capital.

The people of Kiev will pay extra 10 thousand per child /

According to the document, the payment must be to maintain and increase the birth rate in Kiev. After all, despite the attractiveness of social capital and migratory population growth, the demographic situation in the city is not the best.

Surcharge will be in addition to payments for the child from the state. Although the project has taken, he is now under consideration by the relevant committees.

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