The crisis has 7 years of a child - how to survive

Once you and the child with the right to the crisis 1 year and 3 years old - comes a new challenge.

With the parent it would be a mistake to think that the 7-year-old child may well have to deal with their own experiences and crises. He still desperately needs support mothers and fathers, as well as a huge stock of their patience.

Psychologists explain the causes of the crisis 7 years so that the child comes rethinking of the world, he if falls out of the world of his dreams and imagination into the real world, learning to live in them, exploring how this world arranged. The child begins to feel that he is already very mature, he seeks to imitate their parents, and when he "put in place" and is not perceived as an adult - you may lose control of emotions.

What are the signs of the crisis 7 years?

1. Child tires easily. Previously, he liked action games - now prefer to sit.

2. Constantly ape adults, grimacing, insolent.

3. A child can get into a fuss much because of any trifle, as has happened in the 1 or 3 years. Any little thing can knock it out of the rut.

4. Dramatically changing temperament: quiet child becomes aggressive and playful - closed.

Around 7 years, the child is already able to foresee the consequences of their actions on the 1 step forward. That is, he does not just fit into the mud, and it will be happy, and will advance to remember that his mother messy look upset, and will go a dirty uncomfortable and cold, and others will look askance. That is, the child form more complex causal relationships. And as a side effect of the "epiphany" - children begin to lie if they know that the reaction of parents to offenses will be tough.

How can parents help?

1. If your child is not yet 7 years old and he does not go to kindergarten - it is better to go still send. There is not only the child learns a degree of independence, but also his parents used to the fact that the baby is a little distanced, he appears actually own personal life. Then to the school and the child gets used to be independent, and you get used to look at him as an adult, to trust him.

2. If the crisis is already 7 years old came into your home - let your child more freedom. Do not meddle in his leisure time: let him play as it sees fit, or reading what it sees fit, provided that it does not spoil the game of your property, but the books do not have age restrictions. Limit concern for his safety, the rest to catch up when the crisis passes. Skip school, meanwhile, is not worth it.

3. Show your child that it feels like an adult: let him help you to do grown chores, shopping, visit with you, not only in the children's entertainment center, but also in film, theater, Museum.

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