How to save on travel: useful life hacking

Travel is very interesting, and it is a good way to spend your vacation.

But any trips also require costs. Therefore it is useful to know how to save on holiday.


The best thing to a trip to get acquainted with the most significant places that are worth a visit, to count on their budget, and immediately allocate the necessary amount. If the costs turn out to be too high, then it is possible that a weed or purchase travel, which gives free access to some places. You can also download the audio guide to explore the area on their own.

Life hacking for budget travel /


Before visiting any country, it is necessary to study the characteristics and the schedule of public transportation. For example, how to get from place of residence to the city center, a number of the bus or train is needed is suitable as travel costs and any tariffs there. It also helps to significantly save on vacation.

Distribution daily budget

To leave is not proved to be more expensive than originally calculated, it is best to allocate a budget for the day. So it will be easier to understand how much money there is in store, and what is worth saving.

medicine chest

Any responsible hiker knows that without kits go on holiday badly. First, it is costly in terms of money, because the overseas drugs are more expensive. Secondly, the medicine may be needed urgently, and pharmacies is not always in the vicinity.

Life hacking for budget travel /

Water and snacks

In order not to spend the extra money for a vacation, it is best to wear a minimum supply of water and snacks with you. For example, it can be an apple or a cereal bar.

Cafes and restaurants

Many people know that catering places that are near the attractions, inflate the prices on the menu. Therefore, it is better to choose a coffee shop or restaurant in the more remote locations.

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