We collect the suitcase: 5 useless things that moms take along for the ride

Going with your family on vacation, but the case did not even going to be fastened? Perhaps you just typed too many things that you will not be useful

1. Most first aid kit with all medications

Why take up space in your suitcase a large first aid kit with necessary and unnecessary drugs?

Take a minimum: a thermometer, an antihistamine, antipyretic and bactericidal agents. If your child has a chronic disease and it requires constant medication, then take the necessary medicine for the baby.

5 of useless things that mothers take on a trip / istockphoto.com

2. Pots, giant toys and strollers

If you live in a hotel, which focuses on holiday with children, then you will be given a free all you need for you and your baby.

3. Fashion inflatable devices

Seen inflatable flamingo? No, they do not have anything bad. But usually they are expensive, weigh a lot, but the hotel you will find a couple of dozens of laps that left the tourists in front of you. You will be able to try them and not straining with a suitcase.

5 of useless things that mothers take on a trip / istockphoto.com

4. Children's sunglasses

Why kiddies points if you can buy quality panama with a wide brim, which will protect your baby's eyes ?!

5. bulky items

Air long dresses, jeans and other heavy things better leave the house. Remember to save space and weight of your luggage. Take better light summer trousers, dresses and instead take a sundress.

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