Dr. Komorowski said in Israel cope with hyperactive children

In his microblog Dr. Komorowski raised hyperactive toddlers problem that may disrupt the educational process of the school.

Israeli teachers cope with hyperactivity?

Dr. Komarovsky recalled that hyperactivity doctors call this condition of the person in which the motor excitability of higher than normal.

In particular, it is very harmful to the process of learning, both at school and at run time for homework, because such a kiddies very difficult to focus on one thing and solve the problem without moving.

Specifically, the problem of hyperactive children is relevant to each country.

Because children with the syndrome hyperactivity you need to keep moving, teachers of a school in Israel have come up with a special simulator, which provides an easy exercise.
They were given to children, portable device with pedals, which can rotate while studying. It yielded results. Hyperactive children better focus and can focus on the task at hand. As a result of progress previously scattered hyperactive pupils improved.

Perhaps the parents of hyperactive children will take note of this, to improve the success of students.

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