Universal Children's Day-2019: history and holiday greetings

November 20th planet annually celebrates the World Children's Day, the date was set by UN General Assembly.

Why November 20?

Date was not chosen by chance, because it was November 20, 1959 the UN adopted the Declaration on the Rights of the Child, and 30 years later - the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since 1990, this day has become a holiday and an occasion to congratulate the children.

Congratulations on the World Day of the Child

Universal Children's Day

Meet the entire planet,

Let them be happy

On Earth, all the children.

Let live surrounded

Love and kindness,

Merry noise, the din

Fill each house.

Under the peace, clean air

Let our children grow

And, as if the ball kids,

Spinning planet.


With the World Children's Day

Congratulations from the heart!

Let life be bright and sonorous.

Days let it be good.


Lots of sun, I wish,

A lot of tenderness, warmth.

That golden carriage

Fortunately you have luck.

That desire is fulfilled

Even without the magic words.

To you all admired.

Laughter, joy and colors!

Universal Children's Day-2019 history of the holiday and greetings in verse / istockphoto.com


A feast for all

At no matter what year,

What you heart

Now congratulations:

After all, every adult

So-called -

The same child


I wish you

Happy Smiles,

make smaller

Children's mistakes.

The joys of the sea,

Laughter sparkling,

bright sun

And the clear sky!


Children - this is the joy of heaven,

The life of our whole flowers.

We all need to be able to do,

To grow up happy.

Laughter them clean shall reward

It will be for your love.

If you are kind to the child -

Life is not in vain lived his.

Let kids be healthy,

And grow in great love.

Will be the world better, cleaner.

From their troubles, God Bless.


With the World Children's Day

I congratulate the whole world,

And the little brothers and sisters,

And the meek, and bullies,

And infants and adolescents,

And of course, mothers and fathers!

For children it is for adults,

This holiday we need,

In order to remember the youth,

The beauty of childhood experience,

And a little kinder to the kids,

A little nicer to be!


On World Children's Day good wishes,

Never let children do not cease sonorous voice.

Let them be healthy, joyful and cheerful,

And their smiles are shining like the sun of spring.

Universal Children's Day-2019 history of the holiday and greetings in verse / istockphoto.com

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