Sergey Babkin shared his memories of meeting with Snezana: "We have long been close"

In an interview with the program "Ranok z With Ukraine", which opens on weekdays at 6:30 am on the channel "Ukraine", the popular actor Sergey Babkin said the fate of all life drove him to his future wife.

Sergey and Snezana Babkiny - one of the strongest couples in the Ukrainian show business. Despite the fact that the fate of not just bringing them together, the man claims that they met at a time when it was necessary.

"We are not just met, it is not accidental. We have long been close, go side by side all his childhood, his youth. But someone did that to meet us at the time when it was needed, "- says Sergei Babkin and Snezana.

It happened when Sergei was 29 years, and Snezhana - 22. Then she came to the theater, where Sergey worked.

"When I was 14-15 years old, and she - 8, we went to one house youthful creativity. Snezana involved in gymnastics, and I saw there ran little girl gymnast - she had been there. When we Andryukha Zaporozhets played at the Opera "Friday", she was there. But met only when she came to the theater. I ran to the rehearsal, for a meeting with the new actress, sat down in front of her, said: "Hi Bob" - and all. We are not separate from each other ", -

shared Sergey Babkin.

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