What to feed a sick baby: a special diet

When a child is sick, it seems that the world is falling apart. But relax in these moments it is impossible. It is necessary to pull myself together and help the child cope with the disease. And we are not talking about medications (although they are also important, but it is the area of ​​medicine in which the physician can recommend treatment). We propose to review the child's diet, forming it in a way that will not only speed up recovery, but in some cases, prevent the development of disease.

Feed, drink, put your hands
All parents probably noticed that in the period of acute illness kids refuse to eat. Turning his nose even favorite foods. What to do in such a situation?
Pediatricians recommend not to worry if the baby does not eat, it is worth it any more water. The more often - the better.
Council: Drink, of course, not the water, and fruit drinks, uzvar, teas, herbal infusions (cranberry, mint, balm, etc.).

corporate recipe


If the child begins to SARS, it is best to prepare the child of linden tea. In some cases, its use can even stop the progression of the disease. Unless, of course, in time to begin "chaelechenie".

Cooking method:On teapot take 1 tbsp. of dried limes. Tea rinse with boiling water, lime pour and pour 200 ml hot water (the temperature should be about 90 degrees). We insist 20 minutes, covered polotenichkom. And give your child - with a spoon honey. But do not add honey into a cup, and allow it to dissolve slowly in the mouth (this method is suitable for those children who are not allergic to honey).

chicken question


Many mothers believe that the chicken soup - the best medicine for all diseases. As for the doctors, they have not yet come to a consensus. Some still recommend to cook the broth during the illness, while others - is strictly forbidden.

As for nutritionists, they are generally up to 3 years do not recommend cooking meat broth soups for kids and a rich broth of chicken is not advised to use the treatment. Therefore, feed or not this "medicine" of the child - it's parents.

Corporate recipe: If your child likes the meat, then cook it better than the lightest soup with tender meatballs.
Cooking method:200 g minced birch, add 1 egg, chopped onion, salt, pepper bit. All the mix. Then add 1-2 tbsp. l. semolina. And leave the stuffing for 10-15 minutes to swollen semolina. Forming meatballs and boil in hot water. Cooking soup: in boiling water pour peeled and sliced ​​potatoes. Add the onion, carrot. Cook until potatoes are tender. Add to the soup 1 bay leaf, 2-3 tbsp. l. butter and a little dill. Ready pour the soup into a plate, lay the meatballs and feed the baby.

Preparing easily digestible food


To feed the baby during the period of the disease, it is necessary to remember that the child in any case should not be given at this time no fried or spicy, or high-calorie. And the candy is better to hide away: otherwise possible with alleviation of disease, provoke pain in the stomach, and even poisoning.

Cook the best light diet foods that are easily digested and the kid can eat without problems. This may be gelatin (both sweet and meat), cereals, potato puree, puddings, souffle, etc. When choosing dishes for the menu, of course, it is best to consult with your child and combine favorite products.
Corporate recipe: In the period of the disease, doctors recommend especially children to give milk products. But if capricious and in this case, give up your favorite yogurt, "hide" it and post in a different form. For example, in the form of a jelly.

Cooking method:Take 1 tbsp. l. gelatin. Fill it with cold water and leave for 15 minutes. Then add 2-3 tbsp. l. hot water and stir to dissolve gelatin. Then take a yogurt or yogurt favorite child, pour the dissolved gelatin, add 1 packet of vanilla sugar, stir and poured into glasses or special molds. The jelly can add sugar or honey. A better way to add pre-soaked in boiling water and chopped dried apricots, frozen strawberries or blackcurrants. Fruit preparations give an incredible taste of the dishes. And the look is already fun, cheer up and accelerating the recovery of the child.

Let your kids be healthy and delight you in a good mood! Editorial kolobok.ua always ready to help you useful tips to take care of the baby was pleasant for you.

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