5 tips on how to raise a child-optimist

Positive attitude helps to look at life easier and easier to endure hardship.

Every parent wants his child to grow happy and successful, lots of smiling and happy life. But it depends not only on external factors, but also on the inner attitude. Optimism at any age helps to cope with life's obstacles, to be happy no matter what, and share your happiness with others.

But the optimism - not always built-in "function", it is often necessary to raise the child. Basically, using a personal example, but there are some nuances, how best to do.

1. Provide harmonious environment around the child

It is important that the house the child had their own space - separate room or a dedicated place in the common room. Child needs enough space to do homework and play, and it is not interfered with adults. Cramped conditions do not necessarily mean that the child will grow pessimistic, but still are depressing and child, and adults if they constantly interfere with each other.

2. Encourage your child to good works

Positive people do not only exude a good mood, but also to share their charge with others through good deeds, charity, various kinds of assistance. Child up of donations is not yet mature enough, but it can help you gather and pack for a needy family or children's home. In particular, it can add up their belongings, which he was already small - and so to accept participation.

Equips children with the understanding that helping others - it is good and pleasant. And to give gifts to others - no less pleasant than to receive yourself. Charity and the ability to help others, develop empathy good emotional intelligence of the child. And the development of emotional intelligence, in turn, helps to find positive aspects in different situations.

3. Learn to see the positive in any situation

There was a negative situation in which it is impossible to find a positive - for example, the death of loved ones and dear people. There is also a severe illness, but even with these people manage to deal positively. After all, the right attitude is the basis for the recovery (with due care). Try speaking with the child, that is good in a particular case, tells him when it seems that everything is bad.

4. Teach you to achieve goals and fulfill their dreams

If the child's dreams and desires fulfilled - a compelling reason to perceive the world positively. But it is important that they not be filled "by themselves * (the efforts of parents) - but the child's own home. That he was able to turn desires into goals, and to the objectives laid concrete steps. However, the magic of childhood suggests - do not deny yourself the possibility of a sudden realize the dream of a child, if you do it by force.

5. Set a good example

Any good qualities you do not teach a child if they are not in you. Your child to be an optimist - you have to set an example. Look for the positive around you, do not complain when the children to life, work, bosses, the government, be careful how and what you say. Cultivate tolerance, tolerance, respect for others - and then the child will grow up in the same, and will look at the world optimistically.

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