Why be a large family fun

Many children - is the high cost, but the benefits are not always measured in money.

In some families, three and more children appear randomly, in others - because of religious opposition to contraception, in the third - to plan and the mutual desire of the parents. For family planning and birth of children should be approached in the first place, is responsible: sensibly assess capabilities of their forces and finances, so as not to shift the care of the kids at grandparents or state.

If you are expecting more than one child and until very pleased the next expansion of the family - we offer you to think about the advantages that give large families.

1. mothers peace of mind

Every mother of many children will confirm: it is difficult with one child, four - much easier. When you have a first-born, your whole attention, all the anxiety focused on it while you get tired of the constant communication with the baby, which is quite normal.

When you have multiple children - you constantly switch between the children and the tasks allocated not only your attention, but also anxiety. Do you already have experience, you know how to correctly plan the case and to allocate the time and you are definitely in trouble remember that "and this too shall pass."

2. The independence of children

If the first two children usually require a lot of attention on them flit parents, grandparents, be entertained, learn, constant care - that followed the kids all the way. Not because they do not like. Just my parents become less time to spend with each child, so even the youngest have to quickly learn independence.

But numerous large families experience shows that younger children develop faster, before starting to walk and feed himself, to occupy themselves playing.

3. Friends for games

When the family a lot of kids, my mother almost did not need to worry about how to take them, especially if small children age difference. Very quickly they find the common classes, learn to share and get along together - and this process is easier than in a family with two children. Also, in large families kids less jealous parents brothers and sisters.

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