How to call in the house of happiness on Intercession of the Theotokos?

Intercession of the Theotokos is celebrated on 14 October.

holiday traditions associated with both Christian customs and pagan canons. Two religious currents and mixed for a long time existed side by side until the complete disappearance of paganism.

Since then and until today, numerous traditions. Some still cling to them for cover.

Unmarried girls at all times went to the temple to ask the Virgin of successful marriage. They put a candle, saying:

Snow cover the earth, and me, a beautiful - Zhenishke.

Ancient legend has it that the fastest way to marry the girl who in the Church October 14 came earlier than others.

Remember that the Protection of the Virgin is a transition period until 14 October the summer have not yet fully receded, but after 14 is already waiting for the winter. Therefore, our ancestors tried to finish Covers all the field work.

Traditions of the Holy Virgin /

It is believed that after the holiday on October 14, it is necessary to pass "in winter mode."

Earlier, the Ukrainian lands after Covers active preparation began to
cold season, people tried to remove all potential drafts, repaired the roof.

On this day, it is desirable to help with such works elderly or single women, it is believed that good, made this day to others, is bound to be coming back to you for a year and a much greater extent.

To attract the house wealth and good fortune, people were thrown into the furnace flame, igniting her first time, at least one twig of a fruit tree.

There were also restrictions related to the Veil:
  • No physical work, if it can be transferred,
  • Do not wash, do not clean up and do not sew,
  • Do not use foul language, and not to succumb to bad thoughts.

Remember that Cope is not worth borrowing money.

Traditions of the Holy Virgin /

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