Santa Dimopoulos commented on the 18-year age difference with her husband

Singer and model Santa Dimopoulos recently became a mother for the second time. Father of the child is the beloved husband of singer Igor Kucherenko.

Santa one of the few stars who communicate on serious issues with fans in Instagram.

Love, pregnancy, relationships with children - for the famous model no taboo subjects. One of these days, even Santa has agreed to answer all the fans of the questions posed in the social network.

One of the issues touched on personal life Santa and the age difference between men and women.

The happiness of the marriage possible! Another question is whether it is suitable partners. If yes, then there is nothing to fear. My husband and 18 year age difference, we have been together for 7 years, and this is the happiest time of my life. Understand, to each his own. And it is absolutely appropriate.

- said Santa.

During the interactivity it also admitted that, of course, feels tired due to the birth of a child, but it tries to cope with it through meditation and work on your thoughts, and do not hire a babysitter ready.

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