In Ukraine, approved by the official holiday in 2020, what will be on March 8 and May 1?

Ministry of Social Policy has published a list of public holidays in the next 2020.

status of state holidaysGuaranteeing Ukrainians weekend, we got 16 holidays.

Among them, 1 January, when officially celebrated the New Year, and January 7, Christmas according to the Orthodox calendar. It should be noted that on December 25, when Catholics celebrate Christmas, too, is output.

Will off on March 8?

International Women's Day, despite the numerous debates on this subject, the output remains in 2020! The same decision the government has taken and on the May 1, Labor Day, will also rest on this day.

those days will still output:
  • Day of Victory over fascism, May 9,
  • Constitution Day, 28 June
  • Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24,
  • Day counsel Ukraine, 14 October.

And on March 8 and 9 May, and the Constitution Day falls on a weekend, so 2020 will be rich for a long weekend.

Separately, we note that Easter and Whitsun, which is celebrated on Sunday, will give the Ukrainians the weekend on Monday after the celebrations

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