Little cook: 5 culinary skills, which should teach children

The child can participate in cooking, even with the smallest age.

How to boil water in a saucepan

The child should know about water proportions in relation to the crude product and Practice this with the safety rules. If it is a teenager, and teach it properly drained from the pan.

Protection from bacteria

Every child should be aware of the need to use cutting boards for different types of products. There should be a minimum of 5 - for bread, for prepared foods, vegetable, meat and fish. Also tell us why you want to handle vegetables and fruits with boiling water.

How to cook eggs

If a child knows how to cook eggs, then there will be no hunger. Show how to do omelette. This versatile dish that is suitable for both hearty breakfastAnd for a light dinner.

5 of culinary skills, which should teach children /

How to cook pasta

Stick to a simple recipe for spaghetti with butter, cheese and eggs. The dish is ready to forgive, it is inexpensive and fast to prepare.

How to keep clean

Once you plant the child the love of cooking, teach him to

clean and order. For this, he will tell you "thank you".

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