4 advantages of bilingual children

What are the real benefits can get the kids for whom the mother tongue is not one but several?

Many parents strive to ensure that their child is ideally knew two or more languages from the cradle. Is there a real sense? Research shows that bilingual children, which are native to two languages, have several advantages over their peers.

1. Expanding horizons

Research shows that bilingual children better adapt to the environment and changes easier to find a common language with other children. What is interesting - it is easier to understand, even those who speak other languages, because it contributes to a common set of language knowledge, skills, and associations.

In addition, bilingual more supportive of other nationalities, religions, traditions, as originally svoets life absorb not only two languages, but two cultures ..

2. Increased ability to learn languages

Bilinguals much easier to learn a third, fourth and further languages ​​than those children who speak only one, while others learn slowly.

In bilingual brain since childhood configured to actively identify and analyze the information, it is more mobile, it has more cognitive connections.

3. Memory

Bilingual remember many times more foreign words per unit time than their peers owning one language.

4. Creativity

In bilingual greater variety of cultural experiences, and therefore faster and more creative response to proshodyaschego events. It is easier to deal with as an analytic problem, and to go beyond the standard thinking area.

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