How to travel with kids: Tips from Andrei Shabanov

Anchorman Andrei Shabanov went on a summer vacation with the family, but shared a few tips before that about how to travel with children and do not go crazy:

The popular Ukrainian TV presenter Andrei Shabanov shared his experience of how to go on a trip abroad with children, as it should be remembered, and how to organize a family trip.

In traveling with children there are a few highlights:

We Leroy (Leroy Borodin - Andrei's wife, approx. ed), we take the children to travel only in the resorts, where they can swim in the sea or ocean, a tan. It is very important. If we go to Europe to enjoy the architecture, the children are not taking.

We chose the hotel only olinklyuziv. For children should be immediately resolved the issue with the food, so that nothing is needed to prepare or seek restaurants where they cook what our children eat, and most hotels have a baby with olinklyuziv menu. If we travel together, then olinklyuziv not important for us.

If we're going to not resort journey, it is only the big family trip, where we will either grandmother or nanny, that is, someone who provides us with Leroy rest.

Of course, you should always take medicines, that no matter where you stay, you could at least minimally to help yourself or the children. In short, from the Ukraine is not necessary to take off without activated carbon.

As you can see, Andrei Shabanov perfectly turns traveling with children, because you are not afraid to show her the world.