Come for a visit: the rating of the worst gifts for baby

If you need to buy a gift for a child, it is worth remembering that not all of them will be happy and the baby himself and his parents.

Ideally, if you buy a gift for a child birthday or just want to please someone else's baby, when you go to visit, it is best to consult with his parents, they would have some gift of welcome. Parents often know their children's preferences and accurately tell you what is better to take: set designer or fashion pink pony.

However, sometimes the parents themselves should think about what gifts they buy. We present you the top gifts for poor children, who are at risk to turn around just money spent.

1. Large plush toys

they look, of course, cute and big teddy bear - this unfulfilled childhood dream of many adults. But perfectly plush toys are collected on the dust and can become a breeding ground for dust mites. In addition, children are now surrounded by so many developing and various toys, stuffed animals that will be cast into the far corner after a couple of days. And if this beast is huge - it will only add to the hassle mom, which often have to vacuum it (and it will not fit in the washing machine).

2. big cars

In general, large toys is better not to give your child if they are not consistent with his parents. Baby, of course, be delighted the present, but his parents clutching his head: where the new vehicle to park? In the limited space of the apartment by the 5-6 years baby accumulates a huge number of vehicles: cars, scooters, go-carts, trolleys and so on. In addition, you can not be sure that the child does not get tired to ride on this machine on the same day. And then it will be a huge dead weight.

3. loud toys

There are a number of toys that are engaged in the creation of people who definitely did not have children of their own. Otherwise, how to explain that the volume level in the game is not regulated, and sometimes not at all sound is turned off. And if the toy is singing loudly in Chinese, fluffy and glows in the dark - get the added bonus of parental hatred for the present. Be sure to get rid of it as soon as possible.

4. clothing

Of course, this practical gift, if you carefully approach to its choice: find out from parents what baby clothes really need what color, what season, what preferences in appearance mind. Otherwise there is a risk that you give a girl a dress, which has more than enough, or too short jeans.

But parents should remember that children's clothes - is not a gift. "Buy you boots now, but it will be like for my birthday" - is a losing strategy. You would not leave a child barefoot, had his birthday has already passed? If everything the child will receive from you - the clothes and shoes, it will be assumed that simply left without a gift.

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