Terms of families with children abroad by TV presenter Dmitry Chistyakov

Relax the whole family abroad - a great idea, but traveling with children require special rules.

A well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, author of the column "Daddy Blog" in the program "Morning with Inter" and leader of the project "Six hundred" on the TV channel "Inter", the young father Dmitry Chistyakov exclusively with readers kolobok.ua shared experiences and spoke about their rules at the time of holidays with children abroad!

Faces the truth

In my fantasies of vacation with children - that's fine. For example, I was lying on a deck chair, sipping a cocktail on the rocks, and my son plays next bucket and shovel in the sand. But no. Rather than pour the sand into the bucket, he eats it. And the blade also uses for other purposes, testing its strength on the head resting next three year old boy, for which our apologies mean nothing. Instead of a relaxing holiday on a sun lounger, to have to put out a fire starting fights, to wander in the number of machines, water pot, a spare change of clothes and a cap. After all, to find a hat no longer can. Or it flew, or somewhere buried under tons of sand. Parents, be reserved by patience and get to the beach all the necessary things immediately. Do not forget the water, oil and sun parasols. It is important to remember that a hat and sunglasses - not just an accessory, but also the need for children of all ages!


It is for us to stay - it's fun for children - stress. Different types of transportation, strangers, the smells, the trees. If you are going to fly by plane, take the child's visit with him to the airport so he could hear the roar of aircraft, the sound of cars that come. He needs to feel the smell, hearing. Visualization is important. Once or twice is enough. The child has to be adapted. It is important to verbalize with young travelers each step. "This is a great transportation here have track on which people should walk. This rule is". Parents should take care of the baby's safety. Share what an escalator that is the uncle in a cap that we at customs, so the kid is not afraid of that, it's all new to him! With Max we flew once. The flight was short, about four hours, but not easy. Son was tedious, and in the plane especially will not clear. Advise on the road to take a favorite toy baby tablet with your favorite games, cartoons. The rules of carriage of passengers are allowed to run, jump, get up, to move from place to place. Let the child crawls, walks, jumps. Believe me, nothing bad will happen to him. If he wants to get under the seat, the passenger to apologize and say, "He really wants to play." Whichever you choose transport to travel before traveling be sure to go to the doctor. And as soon as a pediatrician will give OK - pack your bags. Or rather two suitcases! Take a small handbag, ask your child to collect their belongings. It is important to communicate, imagine how you will use one or the other thing that will fly with us on a journey. The child should be involved in this journey. And then the road for him, the journey will be comfortable and painless.

Take the medkit

Parents, other than you, your baby will not be anybody to think. Therefore, I recommend to put a pair of shoes and take your medicine cabinet! I am not an adherent to stuff children drugs, but always take a vacation for secure everyday needs vasoconstrictor nasal drops, chelators, and antipyretics, antihistamines, throat spray, as well as means of bite insects. It is very important to give your child plenty of water, even if he is not sick! Before leaving necessarily said with a travel agent all questions regarding medical assistance!

Forget about the fashion!

Mom, forget about fashion! No need to dress your son or daughter in a million beautiful clothes. Believe me, they are in shorts and swimming trunks to keep the heat is much more comfortable than synthetic T-shirt, fashion kotonovyh pants with a bag ready. The resort is desirable to dress children in light-colored clothes from light natural fabrics. Once it protects against UV light and gives the skin a rest after sunburn.

Pobespokoytes nutrition

Many of the families, and we are no exception, faced with the fact that foreign food buffets are many hotels, but children eat nothing special - lots of hot and exotic. Children's stomach in no case can not be loaded with some new dishes sharply. We were lucky and during our holiday were the usual Max dishes. But a simple soup, a piece of soft meat without spices, mashed potatoes, cereal or dairy may not be. You can bring your baby cereal, which can be prepared by the Gulf of boiling water and buckwheat and oatmeal. Products to give to the kitchen, and from chefs agree on the preparation of the individual menus. Of course, these issues also should be discussed in advance with the tour operator.


Do you want to really unwind? And drink a glass of sparkling wine and dance to new hits? How about a romantic date on the beach? Suggest my grandmother to go along with you! She may not agree, but words how would you like to give her a ticket, how would you like to warm their bones together under the sun can improve the situation. Grandmother - a panacea for the rest! And another tip. All children - visionaries. Therefore, if you during the trip will come up with different stories and play with the baby, then your holiday is guaranteed to pass a fun, bright and without controversy.

Wherever you were, they see - tell rebenku! How did he know it, if not from you? And try to make the trip memorable. For young children, each trip - a fairy tale! Max, for example, likes to view their photos with the rest of the sea. And always with the smile.