When the Teacher's Day 2019 in Ukraine?

Ukraine annually celebrates Teacher's Day in October: this holiday actively preparing themselves teachers, and students.

As is known, the Day the teacher always falls on the first Sunday in October each year at the celebration there is a new date.

In 2019 Teacher's Day fell on Sunday, October 6. Since this day, the main celebrations with students and teachers in a team run the day before, on Friday, October 4 and Monday.

Teacher's Day Traditions

In Ukraine, on that day, rather than September 1, for example, decided to thank the teachers for their work. Juniors give small we launched our teachers, it can be flowers or sweets. Older students can organize concerts or paint a wall newspaper for teachers.

In some schools in the Teacher's Day Lessons are students themselves, that educators could relax a bit.

What to give to the teacher?

Expensive gifts for Teacher's Day will not be very appropriate, it is better to stay on souvenirs and useful things that will be useful for sure. Among the most popular gifts are flash drives, mouse pads, headphones, stationery, certificates for the purchase of books and so on.

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