5 amazing principles of education from Finnish parents

Finland has for many years included in the annual list of the happiest countries in the world according to UNICEF. It is believed that in these countries the most comfortable life is children. What are the rules of the Finnish education kids and it would be necessary to adopt us?

List of the 29 most friendly countries for child headed Holland, Iceland, Norway and Finland, and the complete United States, Greece, Spain and Italy. Let's try to figure out what is the secret of happiness and perhaps take something mental note.

All equally. Finnish Finnish Pope does not help moms, and along with them are involved in their child's life. Over 80% of Finnish households and complete education toddler equally engaged and mom and dad. Both parents play with their children, care for them, cook them dinner and engaged in their education. And even maternity leaveusually divided equally.
Pre-school education in the country does not exist.Imagine that kindergarten children are not learning to read and write, do not remove hooks in the recipe and do not consider apples. Kids only play, engaged in applied arts (modeling, painting), music, older children - they bake pies and master crafts.

Complete freedom of expression. Children are encouraged to ensure that they have their own opinion. A basic principle of the Finnish education - not suppress a child's personality. For example, if the child is comfortable to draw hands, rather than a brush - it's not confuse anyone, like to sit on the street in a pool - please. The main task of parents and teachers to direct the energy of a baby in the right direction, but not prohibited.

Walking in any weather. In Finland, children walk in any weather - no rain, no frost is not a reason to abandon the walk. And if the kid wants to have tumbled down in the snow or in a pool of pobarahtatsya no he did not forbid to do it. A cold protects water-repellent overalls and waterproof boots.

Always keep calm. Finnish parents do not shout at children and even more so do not put them in a corner of pampering. A kindergarten teachers do not have the right to not like to shout at the child or punish him for his bad behavior, and even talk to him enough friendly.

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