The path to the baby: life hacking for parents of young traveler

It seems that the birth of a baby's life fades: from the house once again to not go out, you will not go on a journey. But this is just a prejudice. Proper planning with you!

Some people believe that a child normally rest will not work. Without a doubt, if you are a lover of hours lying on the beach, with the rest will have to temporarily say goodbye. But a change of scenery, get new experience and visit some new place is not only possible but necessary!

The road is divided by stages, transport planning

In the first trip with a baby should not immediately plan to visit several countries. It is easier for you and your child will stay at the same resort.

The path to the baby: life hacking for parents /

A trip on the train or plane is associated with the risk of various infections: around you will have a lot of people in a confined space without good ventilation. In this regard, the trip by car - a safer option. But remember: the child - it is not an adult. It is worse to endure long journeys. Be sure to stop every couple of hours, get out of the car on the street, ventilate the car. Divide the road into steps, be sure to stop for the night in hotels - it helps maintain normal hygiene, nutrition and sleep.

  • If you have to travel long railway, try to buy tickets for the night train to the child asleep on the road. If baby sleeps sensitively, prefer a coupe or places increased comfort.
  • When you fly an airplane during takeoff and landing of the child, as you will lay your ears. Baby put to breast, let the older child to drink, so he swallowed. In this way you will help equalize the pressure. If your child has a stuffy nose, it necessarily drip vasoconstrictive drops.
  • Think of that as far as possible to bring along for the ride buggies, sling ergoryukzak or cradle-portability: even if your toddler has confidently walks with their feet in the new environment it may require greater attention from the parents.

The path to the baby: life hacking for parents /

Acclimatization and jetlag

It is believed that a person with a difference of 1 hour to 1 day adapted. If the time difference is 7 hours, the adaptation process takes 7 days. Keep this in mind when planning a trip time if you have to travel somewhere far, it must also include the adaptation time, and time for proper rest.

Acclimatization - is a more complicated process. In winter, the body accumulates heat, and summer work on heat transfer. Therefore, if you are coming from winter to summer, the first 2-3 days the body is rebuilt. In this case, the state of health can really deteriorate, the baby can be capricious.

It is easier to go through this period adaptation? Spend time in air-conditioned room, avoid the open sun - better sit with your baby in the shade. Will also help to drink plenty of liquids, and swimming in the pool.

The path to the baby: life hacking for parents /

traveler First Aid Kit

If you are going to an exotic country, ask the necessary vaccinations and discuss this with your pediatrician. Take care of the medicine cabinet on the road - it is preferable to have a stock of essential medicines with you.

In a new country you do not know the work of pharmacies; In addition, many medications that we have available for sale, there may be sold strictly on prescription. What to take with you:
o antiseptics for external application, dressings;
o antihistamines last generation;
o analgesics and antipyretics;
o drugs used for digestive disorders;
o repellents;
o sunscreen;
o cosmetic products for skin care.
And, of course, do not forget to medications that you take on a regular basis!

The path to the baby: life hacking for parents /

What to feed your baby in the journey?

Up to six months breast milk completely covers all the needs of the baby. When you go on the road with the babies, take care of comfortable clothing for feeding and cape for feeding the baby. This will allow you to feed discreetly anywhere without attracting glances of passers-by.

After the introduction of complementary foods, especially when the child is already quite comfortable and eats it with relish all that you offer, the temptation to study together the kitchen of another country. But do not rush! Do not give your baby an exotic fruit that he had not tried it - they can cause allergies. Be sure to bring the stock familiar to baby food in jars, instant cereals. If you live in the hotel, check in advance the presence and composition of the children's menu.

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