3 binding advice to parents of teenagers

Adolescence - one of the most important and challenging stages in the life of every parent.

Some people complain about the lack of understanding with child. Others - simply can not find a common language, choosing the wrong approach. So how do you approach the already not a small child? On this - on.

Often remember myself in their place

Look through the prism of the past on the present, the child is difficult. Memory lot of misses and it seems that it was not with you, error, loss and rash acts. But between you is not much difference as you might think. Just remember.


Hanging out with friends is not proven to 8pm. To parties where your child is invited. adolescent relationships with parents are built on trust. And feel it with your hand the child can only through the appropriate steps to meet him.

put a border

For a teenager you should be submitted in two roles - true friends and loving parents. The latter must still prevail. Mark the boundaries acceptable in all aspects of the relationship with a teenager: communication, behavior, manners and habits. The child must understand: the role of "parent" - "child" has not been canceled. Just very relaxed.


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