Beheading of John the Baptist: that it is necessary to do in this day

Today, 11 September, the Orthodox remember a sad event, the violent death of the prophet John the Baptist.

September 11 is not a holiday, and heavy for churches day, in connection with what is imposed on the believers many restrictions:

  • You can not have fun,
  • It is strictly forbidden to walk wedding
  • It is undesirable to pick up sharp objects,
  • You can not have round-the nature of the products.
In addition, the Church advised the people to be in that day, restrained both in words and in diet, it is important to adhere to a strict fasting.

I have to do every day of the Beheading of St. John?

It is advisable to visit the service, in this day read prayers for healing, protection from enemies and the envious.

Anyone can go to the prophet with intimate requests.

Particular attention is paid clerics pray for those who are sick. Also on September 11 decided to pay respect to the fallen soldiers.

Remembering the life of the Prophet, the owner can cover a modest table, but remember that September 11 is a day of strict fasting. And a woman should prepare in advance, because today is not desirable to work and pick up knives.

Finally, engage in godly deeds, help not only relatives, but needs your help to people, give alms to those who ask.

It is also interesting, it does not draw troubles upon oneself September 11?