Chinese scientists: what "element entity" and how to define your own? begins cycle of materials telling about poetry person.

The Chinese believe that the type of person man It keeps information about the strengths and weaknesses of character, even professional predisposition and certain talents.

Using the knowledge, some of which has adopted the physiognomy, the representatives of the East once identified 5 possible types of the human face.

In the first article we will tell you about the people associated with the element tree.

You are associated with the element tree, if a person possess a sufficiently broad forehead, the triangular shape of the face.

The forehead speaks volumes about your intelligence, and narrow chin reveals quite mediocre exercise capacity. Such a person has type thinkers, philosophers and analysts, they choose intellectual work, all the while studying, and its main purpose is called the acquisition of new knowledge.

People with this face shape should be dealt with by sociology, politics, and other rapidly developing nowadays sciences.

These individuals do not think about the money in the business they are likely to expect failure. However, the financial problems they are beginning to deal only in old age, after a well-deserved rest.

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