It is interesting! 7 stages of life of each person according to oriental beliefs

In the East, believe in reincarnation and rebirth of the soul. And with each successive life people live a certain period.

1. Child. A person standing at the first stage, world it seems difficult and hostile.

The feeling of depression plagued him, and follow his goal seems impossible luxury, problems arise in personal relationships.

2. Student. Now the man knows how the universe works. He understands their own and others' emotions, recognize the behavior of family and studies. Students know that they have a long path to knowledge, so much read and analyzed.

3. Researcher. The man on the third stage, dedicating his life to the study.

Some romp through the world, others go into science, and others committed to the faith or other cultures. The main goal of researchers - to provide new knowledge for the formation of a mature outlook and a full-fledged passion.

7 stages of life of each person according to oriental beliefs /

4. Beloved. Man learns to build relationships, love truly. The fourth phase is entirely devoted to love. The person will not feel happy until he finds a kindred spirit.

5. Successful man. Now you know how to achieve the global goals, your dreams come true, everything comes easily.

6. Philanthropist. The sixth stage is connected with the beginning of the altruistic and charitable activities.

The soul of man to know and love, and success, therefore, is ready to dedicate a new life to helping those who are less fortunate.

7. Dedicated to the soul. The seventh step is unlikely to be comfortable, because daily life will turn into a superficial chain of events. A person will feel that he is in the wrong place, will seek something more.

Oriental beliefs state that after the seventh stage of the people are no longer return to Earth and continue to exist in the form of incorporeal.

7 stages of life of each person according to oriental beliefs /

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