3 Feng Shui symbol that will bring happiness and good luck in 2020

Feng Shui principles say that every person is able to self-called unto him luck in using special characters.

2020 will be no exception, in the East have seen, what can appease the white metal ratTo spend the whole year in abundance.

Frog with three legs

Frog, which holds a coin in his mouth and literally strewn with coins, considered to be one of the happiest Feng Shui symbols.

If you still have not purchased it, it's time to get such a useful souvenir. Remember that a frog placed recommended the front door to the room (preferably in the south-eastern side of the room).

Chinese dragon

Dragon protects against dark forces, brings its owner good luck and success. He is often depicted in yellow, green or blue.

Since the metal rat, in 2020 it will be the most appropriate blue dragon, because both colors are in cold tones.

white candles

White will be one of the most popular colors in 2020. It symbolizes purity and rationality, objectivity and conscience.

Experts advise in advance to stock up on white scented candles, they will not only give comfort, but also a call for you good luck.

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