Fraudsters in social networks and instant messaging applications: how to recognize criminals and zaschitsya

Fraudsters have completely mastered the territory of social networks and instant messengers. How to recognize the deception and protect?

Modern man spends on social networks and messengers few hours a day. Information, communication with friends, business contacts - we feel in a comfortable online environment, believing that everything is theirs. These and enjoy criminals. For defrauding money they often use a variety of masks. Learn to see behind them the true face of the thief.

Buy-sell through social networks

If you have something to sell through social networks, be careful when dealing with the customer.

Signs of a cheater: he is very interested in the purchase, to the extent that aggressively enforces you to advance, even if you do not ask. If you agree that a subsequent request to call the number of your bank card and card verification code (3 digits on the reverse side). As soon as you hear it, hang up.

Masked criminals and by sellers. In this case, you are asked to send an advance payment, as well as to provide data of a credit card. At a minimum, you will lose the advance, in the worst case withdraw all his savings account.

How to check? Go to the merchant's page (or buyer) and check his profile. Most likely, it will be a fake page with a minimum of information. If it is not, in any case try to check also the reviews, or contact the group moderator. In most communities there are blacklists, which can turn out to be your "client".

Fraudsters in social networks and instant messaging applications: how to recognize deception and zaschitsya /

A friend asks to borrow money

Or calls for urgent help their sick relatives. Moreover, in absentia - by forwarding certain amount on his card or e-wallet. A message comes in "personal" account to another. If such was not found before him, it means only one thing - your friend's account hacked and is now sending similar letters to all his "Friend".

How to check? The only sure way - to call a friend and find out in person if the request comes from him. If you do not know the phone number See who you and still check the information.

Dream job

The man sends you a private message, which offers simple operation with a stable and high income. The letter attached link by clicking on which you supposedly know the details. Actually, there you will find a virus, which will help the fraudsters reveal your personal information to then get to the online bank and your accounts.

How to check? Such messages are better to ignore, not even trying to check. A good job in this way do not offer. In no case do not click on the link, remove the message and forget about it.

Fraudsters in social networks and instant messaging applications: how to recognize deception and zaschitsya /


At this time you will write the name of the representative of a well-known bank or brand, and be told that you are incredibly lucky. You were among the winners, which were determined by random selection. And now, to get the prize, you only need to pay a small tax, transferring money to a certain account.

How to check? Go to the page of the brand, and even better - on its official website. Check whether there was held a similar competition. And be sure to call the company at the numbers listed on its website.

Fraudsters in social networks and instant messaging applications: how to recognize deception and zaschitsya /

Subscription has ended

Such messages will be sent to users of free messenger. Fraudsters report: free subscription period (trial period, etc...) Has expired and now the further use of the messenger to pay. Further specifies an e-wallet, which urgently need to transfer money.

How to check? In this case the check does not have to - it is frank "divorce". Not specified, do not respond and do not pay.

And if you cheated?

The first thing to do - to report the incident to the police. Today set up special units to combat Internet fraud. Find out where in your town is such a department, go back and write a detailed statement.

Report the incident to the bank or payment system administrators, which enjoyed a criminal. You may be able to block his account. As evidence, provide correspondence and payment documents or screenshots, confirming the performance of payment.

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