Children against germs: the social campaign to clean toilets for pupils and their parents

For each of the parents the child's safety is a priority.

From this position they vigilantly monitor his diet, monitor the quality of accessories and toys, carefully selected garden... But when the child crosses the threshold of the school, it becomes much more difficult to control what surrounds it. Place special risk, according to research, are toilets.

Several reasons for this. Firstly, the state of some toilets do not meet all quality standards. Second, children's microbial world is invisible, so they do not realize the risk of serious and often "forget" about the elementary rules. A banal negligence turns a real danger to the child. Every day in the world of the gastro-intestinal diseases, pathogens that inhabit toilets, killed 200 children. In Ukraine, every year more than 50,000 pick up varying degrees of disease severity.

To change this situation, Domestos brand - №1 * in assets category for home care - launches social project "The net svіtі not hvorіyut dіti". The project starts on 17 September, its main part is the "School of Domestos». All "students' school (regardless of whether it is children or their parents) will be in the form of a game again the basic rules of hygiene, learn about the places where bacteria and become familiar with the methods of combat them. After all, parents is not enough just to know that germs lurk dangerous and literally everywhere - they need to get specific advice to neutralize them. The children turned a deaf ear once read the rules of hygiene, but easy to remember them during the passage of an exciting

online games, shooting games. As for the schools, they are not always enough alone readiness to change - often need real help to improve conditions.

Earned in the online game scores are summed up in the school account that students and their parents are, and ultimately affect the school's position in the ranking. The first five schools will receive the repair of toilets in the primary school. By the way, the school can help not only children but also parents: during the campaign on the product packaging Domestos can find the code, which will provide extra points and special gaming features. You can learn more on the site.

The first such project was implemented brand in 2014 and has successfully proven its effectiveness: the parents have received all the necessary information, kids - fun workshops and an online game, and three schools at the end of the competition - a modern and high-quality repairs bathrooms. But the enormity of the problem, and in order to change the situation, it is necessary to continue the work. So this year again Domestos launches campaign to combat microbes. After all, the habit to comply with the rules of hygiene laid in childhood, so it is important to interest the child in time to lay the foundation of its security for a lifetime.

* Based in part on Nielsen retail audit data in Ukraine for the period May 2017 - April 2019.; category "Means for the care of the house"; on July 5, 2019 (© 2019 LLC "ASNіlsen Ukraine")