Book hits this fall: Top 5 stories of the season

Autumn has become fertile season for the book industry. The world saw a few tens of hundreds of new stories from different houses.

We have gathered the most popular books for the period of September-October. That they are able to brighten up November evening gripping storyline and its dynamics.

Oleg Sentsov "marketer"

"Marketer" - a collection of short fiction of the political prisoner, the director and scriptwriter Oleg Sentsova. The book is written in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. The product is based on the biography of Oleg. Here the author covered the gap of student years, when the young boy taking exams, he lived in a hostel for the first time and fell in love drowning in poverty. The book became a real bestseller. It is simple, yet incredibly touching.

Illarion Pavlyuk, "Dance of Fools"

At the heart of the novel - a private expedition to the protagonist on a distant planet Ixchel, where it will unfold the plot twists and turns. The hero will get difficult task: to avoid the traps of the enemy to save his family and colleagues. But if he succeeds?

Fredrik Buckman "Bear corner"

The events of the novel take place in a small ghost town on the outskirts Byornstad Sweden. History will cover everyone without exception. The city has long flourishing unemployment and poverty. The only hope for citizens and outlet - hockey. Here they get sick all. However, no one could even imagine that this is the game will change the life of every 180 degrees. This book has everything that you read it: a dynamic plot, interesting story and incredibly vivid characters. No way to stop.

Elizabeth Gilbert's "City of girls"

Bestselling author of "Is. Pray. Love "has returned to the literary arena with a new story. At this time - about the war New York. But do not worry: the war is only a decoration, where the main events occur. Young Vivian arrives at atmospheric rainy New York to her aunt after the girl expelled from City College. Vivian hopes to have a good summer without parental control. And so it happens, but the consequences of becoming a fatal character. More - in the book. By the way, one more motivation for reading it should be a film adaptation of the famous novel by Hollywood.

Michelle Obama "Becoming"

In his book, Michelle Obama for the first time divided into an intimate moment of her marriage - she tried balance between work and personal life, as well as the rapidly developing political career husband. We are witnessing the private conversations of spouses, go shoulder to shoulder with the author of the magnificent halls of the White House and accompany Michelle Obama travels across the country. "Before the First Lady of America is presented without embellishment. I've been to auctions in private homes, more like a museum, where the baths were made of precious stones. family saw who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and had to tears grateful to receive a gift at least a working refrigerator and stove. I've seen the hypocrites and liars. But also met and teachers, wives, military, and many other people, so strong in spirit, that I could hardly believe my eyes. " Telling your story honestly and courageously, the author makes each of us think: Who am I and what is my story?


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