Civil marriage: what rights you are lost

It is convenient not to tie the knot and feel free? Choosing a civil marriage for the sake of personal freedom and the lack of commitment, think about what the right at the same time you lose

Statistics affects approximately 70% of the inhabitants of our country prefer to 30 years not to register the relationship and live in the so-called civil marriage. At first glance, it is actually very easy - no commitment, you can test the feelings.

The problems arise when such an alliance falls apart. The fact that the Family Code of Ukraine does not recognize such a marriage, cohabitation in a legal sense. This means that the property rights of spouses of civil law are not protected.

Civil marriage: what rights you are lost /

Property division

Who is most affected. As a rule, a woman. Often already in a civil marriage the partners have children. A man working woman concerned with children and household. At the same time acquired real estate, car, furniture, land. All this is often made out to her husband. Or, in the worst case, to his parents, who provided material assistance for the purchase. In parting, if the woman nothing was written, she was left with nothing. Of course like this could happen to a man, but such cases are extremely rare.

Inheritance. Where victims can be both men and women. In the case of the death of one of the partners of all his property would go to his family. Civil spouse inheritance has no rights. Exception - if it is included in the last will and testament.

Small chance to divide the property for the former civilian spouse is still there.

  • This is possible if the property under the Civil Code of Ukraine will be held by a court of common shared property. But this is not enough to prove the long-term cohabitation, farming and family relations.
  • First of all, you need to prove that the property is acquired in the period of civil marriage and its acquisition invested both spouses.
  • You must be submitted documents confirming investment.
  • It is also found witnesses who confirmed the fact of a large joint purchases.

Civil marriage: what rights you are lost /

If you have children

Rights of the child. When a child is born in a civil marriage, you need to immediately establish paternity and enter the father on the birth certificate baby. If this be neglected, and in the "Father" appears on the dash, in the future, if necessary, the woman will not be able to recover in court child support from the child's father. Despite the fact that a child born of the marriage, has every right to alimony.

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