5 signs of a guardian angel, who can not be ignored

Guardian Angel warns his man of the trouble and leads away from trouble. How to recognize these signs, read the material.

Trouble on the road

If, during the rain passes by car you sprayed water from puddles, like a sign can be regarded as an omen of vile deception.

Your angel warns of a possible betrayal, it is not necessary in this day to sign contracts or to negotiate.

Trouble during the gathering

If you are going to a meeting, you can not find the purse, make yourself too sweet coffee, cling to the chair and almost fall... Probably, your guardian angel is doing everything possible so that you are late and not get into trouble.


Not only about the problems it warns us a guardian angel, and sometimes he gives us the knowledge that everything will be fine.

For example, through a spider descending down the web. We saw him before lunch? So expect good news on this day.


Strange and chest discomfort can be treated as an angelic warning of the danger.


Tomorrow you have planned an important event, and in the solar plexus feel tickling? This is also a good omen, so you can calm down, everything goes as it should, and you will be satisfied.

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