How to make a child in kindergarten in 2019: guide for parents

"How to place a child in kindergarten?" - the issue parents are given almost from the birth of the baby. Let's investigate.

Every year, children become more and kindergartens, alas, is not there, so public kindergartens are taking more and more children, although it is not designed for it. This situation creates a huge buzz and a huge place in almost every kindergarten. How to make your kid got a place in the kindergarten?

Electronic queue

How to make a child in kindergarten in 2019 /

Since 2013, you do not need to go to the Department of Education to put the baby in a queue to kindergarten, it can be done from the comfort of their home, via e foremost online

It is best to register the baby at birth, so you will have more chances to get to the desired time in kindergarten. But according to the rules, the child needs to be registered for the year before the desired date of receipt.

To get started you need to register on the site, specifying all the contact details of the parent, select the town point and kindergartens, specify the desired date of receipt and fill out a questionnaire with all the data child. After all the action, you will receive a message stating that the application has been accepted. After that you will be able to see your number in the queue to kindergarten (it is possible to stand in line in 5 different gardens).

Remember username and password of your personal account on the site periodically check how moving queue. When she comes, you will receive a letter in the mail with an invitation, if for some reason you do not want to go in a particular garden, you can reject an application, but it can be done only once.

What are the benefits?

There are certain benefits that give your child an advantage in the queue. In 2019 a preferential group includes:

  • Children with the Kiev residence permit (for citizens of Kiev);
  • children from large families;
  • orphans;
  • children from single-parent families;
  • displaced from ATU zone;
  • Children participating ATO;
  • children with disabilities (but the opportunity to attend a regular school);

What to do after an invitation to come?

How to make a child in kindergarten in 2019 /

After you receive an invitation, within ten days, need to apply to kindergarten. Namely:

  • statement from the parents;
  • child's birth certificate and a photocopy;
  • reference on the state of health of the child:
  • vaccination card (form № 063 / o).

With 2018 for entering kindergarten do not need a medical card and a certificate 026 / o. Now it is enough to take their pediatrician certificate stating that the child is healthy and allowed to attend preschool. But consider, if necessary, the pediatrician may prescribe certain tests and visits to narrow specialists.

If a baby has no vaccinations without weighty grounds (metodtvod, health problems), there can be falsity with admission to kindergarten. This issue can be resolved to convene a special committee of WCC, which has to decide on whether a child can visit the garden without vaccination or not.

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