Scientists describe the blood group, which "attracts money"

Psychophysiology of Japan conducted a study on the relationship of blood group and the nature and financial well-being.

Holders of the first group blood definitely lucky. They, according to researchers, are able to make money.

Around carriers of the first group seem confident, educated and motivated people, their often promote their careers, because they know - with the company will achieve exactly the leader success.

Based on statistics, it is the owners of the blood of the first group are financially luck.

However, they should pay attention to their health - because of poor blood clotting, such people are the most exposed to bleeding.

Holders of the second group of blood, too, do not worry! In business, you open all the doors, because partners like your diligence. From the side you seem very patient person who at any cost to reach the goal.

Less fortunate people with the third and fourth groups, according to scientists, among them the least affluent citizens.

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